Summary Of Jeffrey Lang's Struggling To Surrender

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Jeffrey Lang's Struggling to Surrender is at once a personal reflection on what it is to be a Muslim and a provocative discussion of issues of interest to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Jeffrey Lang born in 1954 and raised a Roman Catholic in Connecticut, Lang, a mathematics professor at the University of Kansas who converted to Islam, wrestles with questions faced by contemporary American Muslims of all backgrounds, producing some interesting analyses and challenging conclusions. He explains his reasons for converting to Islam at the age of twenty-eight in 1982, his subsequent experiences, and his views on reforming Islam.He characterizes the transition as "a journey from individualism to traditionalism, from learning to illumination, from…show more content…
Yes, from my opinion, masjid is for male and female but back then female are not allow going to the masjid for some valid reason because it is to protect woman. Back then, it dangerous for woman to go outside the house. Today, when we are not allowed woman to go to the masjid, they tend to go other place like shopping centre. so, rather than go to that kind of place, it is more beneficial if woman spend time more in masjid. For me, segregation of woman and men is more benefit than not segregation at all because they can focus more on the thing they are working on. For example, in hadramaut yemen, they total spread between male and female especially in the classroom for seeking knowledge. So that, they can focus studying rather than to think about relationship or others. Furthermore, islam are not oppresses woman. Islam is a religion which protect and increase the dignity of woman. No need to argue or seek any equal right. Woman and men have their own special and role in this world. Woman can not be a leader for men. of course it have valid reason behind that. Does it mean islam oppresses woman. No, even though woman can not become a leader, but men need woman to help them. Woman and men means to be complete each

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