The Evolution Of Cuneiform: The Origin Of Writing

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What is the civilized thing called writing? Modern Archaeologists define writing as a system of human communication agreed-upon signals that represent language. The signs must be capable of being sent and received, mutually understood, and they must correspond to spoken words. Each word began with simple pictures and plain strokes or dots that are adequate for recording objects and numbers. Of all the creation of mankind, writing is our most exquisite accomplishment. Actually, The Origin of writing is seen through the development of civilizations over certain periods of historical times and places. Apparently, the writings we use now passed through three main stages to become into that simple form. The three main stages are: The creation of…show more content…
Cuneiform is an ancient form of writing named for the shape of its word signs. It is the earliest known form of writing or picture script. Previously, symbols were written with scratching signs on damp clay with a pointed stick; the clay was written on it while it’s moist and left to dry in the sun afterwards. As a result, people found it was easier and quicker to make a stylized representation of an object by making a few marks on clay than drawing pictures. So instead they drew straight lines or curves; thus, the beginning of cuneiform evolved through different civilizations. Cuneiform was written mostly on clay tablets, but also on envelopes of clay used for transporting monuments. In fact, the Egyptian Hieroglyphs is the earliest script of cuneiform. The script was originally used for different kinds of texts, such as other writings religious and monumental contexts. After the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, a new type of cuneiform was discovered. This writing was used in the Bronze Age and was also written on clay tablets. The Linear B script consists of three elements: syllabic signs, ideograms and numerals. The syllabic signs are used to spell out the shape of the word. The ideograms were not used as a means of writing a word, but as a symbol to indicate what the numerals were counting, therefore usually found before numerals. Although it’s very complicated, but it’s a proof of…show more content…
Moreover, the three main stages were: symbols, cuneiform, and alphabet. Significantly, this phenomenon created many simplifications to our daily life routines. Even more, writing is a unified way to communicate with different people all around the world. Plus, the development of the writing over the years proves that the human’s brain is capable of evolving and capable of creating the impossible. Even today, the story of writing and its beginnings are far from completely told, researchers continue to find new evidence in the form of writing of our

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