Why Did Islam Spread

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Despite its starts as a small and not widely practiced religion, Islam rapidly grew to an extremely widespread idea. It was not expected in the least, but Islam flourished quickly into a huge religion that is still practiced and followed today. When Islam first began, the way the world worked caused Islam to expand. Travel, trade, and simple conquest were no new idea, but they greatly aided in the prospering of Islam. The main factors that helped Islam grow were travel and trade, military conquest, and the beliefs of Islam caused a desire to many to practice Islam. Common practices in the time period of Islam assisted in the quick disperse of the religion, and the introduction of many new Islamic ideas. So, it is clear that due to the travelling and trading, military conquest, and beliefs of Islam, the religion quickly became more widespread, and appealed to many new people. A key contributor to the spread of Islam was the abundance of trade and travel going on. A common and not unusual way of getting the necessary resources for a population was through trading. Countries took advantage of their surrounding neighbors and travelled through their territories in search of goods to be traded. Document A shows this relationship of travel and trade by highlighting…show more content…
As Muslims traded travelled to other countries, their beliefs travelled with them, and were picked up on by many others. Through the conquest of expanding territory and power, Muslim rulers introduced their religion to the many new people they took over. Finally, because of the beliefs of the Islamic religion, many saw it as an opportunity to do something good, and wanted to be apart of it. In conclusion, many factors and practices of the world when Islam first started greatly assisted its rapid spread, causing it to become one of the biggest religions back then, and also
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