The Importance Of Non-Verbal Communication

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Introduction Non-verbal communication is the medium of communication used to determine emotions and is used in the form of non-verbal behavior such as body movements. The regulation, maintenance and establishing of interpersonal relationships is furthermore used in non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is therefore described as the form of communication used between the presence of a party of people who share relation and is not in the form of spoken, written or sign language (Rowe & Levine: 2016, p.320). The information in non-verbal communication is transmitted regardless of barriers and destinations and used to transmit internal and external information and messages (Hinde: 1999) in order to inform the observer. There are therefore…show more content…
Bean is seen entering an exam room, he possesses a calm and foolish exterior, and this is seen by the way he walks into the venue. Mr. Bean generally prefers to dress in a conservative and professional manner, generally when a person dresses in a formative/ formal manner it is due to the fact that in some way he/she is following cultural conventions. Conventions communicate which group an individual may belong to, the social status they hold or other sociocultural facts. It is clearly evident that Mr. Bean portrays a presence of authority; his conservative/professional way of dressing is a powerful indicator that exuberates the demand for respect and attention. However, his personality and his facial expressions portray a different message, in other words, it is a contradiction. During the examination Mr. Bean portrays a social distance regarding his fellow examiner seated beside him. As the scene progresses, it is evident that Mr. Bean has no regard towards the gentleman seated next to him as he violates the man’s personal space. Mr. Bean starts off by pressing up against the man’s shoulder in an attempt to copy the work he has left on the table; this ends up aggravating the gentleman, and in turn delays Mr. Bean from writing his exam and only after the time for the exam ends, does he realize that the exam paper he was supposed to be writing was still in the brown…show more content…
Manninen T: 2002, p.383 explain that haptics are the use of physical contact such as handshakes and patting which fill pauses in speech (Manninen: 2002,p.383), but however the use of orientation and position can be considered as haptics when no touching occur between the parties of the interaction. Haptics include positive and negative effects as decoded by the observing party dependent on the nature of relationships between the parties. As provided by the video extract, Mr Bean moves towards the man sitting next to him and then leans on him, the man then moves away which then shows discomfort; this form of touching behavior illustrates that the nature of the relationship between the two parties should remain professional and neither one of them should cross the boundaries of the other party. The furniture arrangements in the classroom also emphasize that every individual should be separated from another. Mr Bean again touches the man in the church scene in the form of him choking the man. This is done to emphasize the filled gaps in the pause of the interaction, also showing shock and disorientation by Mr

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