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In the year of 2008, a movie was produced called Zeitgeist. It was directed by a one, Peter Joseph. The movie’s message was that, “The majority of the social problems that plague the human species at this time are not the sole result of some institutional corruption,” (“Mission Statement”). Its message was well received in the younger community and thus, the Zeitgeist Movement, also called the Zeitgeist Project or simply Zeitgeist, was born.The Zeitgeist Movement has no political views, and a focus on striving to end the troubles that plague this world, such as: world hunger, poverty, and political oppression. Peter Joseph, the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, has a partnership with the Venus Project. The Venus Project, or simply Venus,…show more content…
Most people against the move and its ideas call themselves Anti-Zeitgeist. They believe that Peter Joseph is quite immoral and is using the cause in the wrong way, much like the way Joseph feels about Venus. As one anonymous source put it,”Joseph and the Venus Project are proposing something radical: they are proposing that humanity, essentially, abolishes the nation-state, parliamentary bodies, and capitalism,”(“The Problem with ‘Zeitgeist’”). Many Anti-Zeitgeist followers believe that it is based off conspiracy theories and a desire for wealth. On their website, the Zeitgeist Movement claims that they are, “Seeking truth, peace, and sustainability in society,” (Frequently Asked Questions). Many people that are Anti-Zeitgeist would agree they are doing this, but are using it to further their own…show more content…
On their website they claim that there is an, “an outdated social structure,” (“Mission Statement”). They say that, overall, our world is morally wrong and operates in the wrong way. They do not try and convince you that any specific country is worse or better than another. They are simply saying that the world is a corrupt society. An example of them using a logos centered argument is that Zeitgeist is “loyal to a train of thought,”(Mission Statement). They try to think logically about how to deal with the problems of the

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