Non Verbal Communication Vs Nonverbal Communication

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This video displays many of Non-Verbal communications. Both President Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel, shows many different Non-Verbal communication in this 14 minute video. The Non-Verbal communications used help to interpret the mood of the talk show and the flow of the conversation. Both of these individual displays facial expression , gestures, paralinguistic, body language and postures, proxemics, eyes gaze, haptics and appearence. Facial Expression is a Non-verbal communication that is easily understood by different cultures. The facial expression is the first thing we see when we meet a person, The facial expression can convey the individuals mood with a smile or a frown. While nonverbal communication and behaviour can vary dramatically…show more content…
If you’ve spent time with babies you know that they’re capable of expressing all these emotions. being able to see the pure expressions of surprise and joy on a baby’s face. As we get older, we learn and begin to follow display rules for facial expressions and other signals of emotion and also learn to better control our emotional expression based on the norms of our culture. If your facial expressions and speech content are not consistent, your listener might be confused by the mixed messages you are giving, which could lead them to question what you said to them. Gestures are a form of signals and deliberate movements in a form of away to communicate meaning without words. Gestures include waving, pointing, and using fingers to indicate numeric amounts. Other gestures are arbitrary and related to culture. Based on the book by Peter A. Andersen, Nonverbal Communication: Forms and Functions (Mountain View, CA: Mayfield, 1999) it is stated that gestures can be broken down to 3 main types which are adaptors, emblems, and illustrators. Adaptors are movements or touching behaviours that indicate status of one individual typically of anxiety or arousal. the feeling of anxiety, uneasiness, or a general…show more content…
The subconscious movement we make in our daily lives may visually convey different meanings towards our communication. Crossed arm might display and conservative or defensive attitude, Slump shoulders and excessive leaning might display a sign of boredom. These sign are very subtle but very effective on displaying someone's mood. These subconscious movement is all around us, it is help us communicate better with each other. Research on body language has grown significantly since the 1970's, but popular media have focused on the over-interpretation of arm-crossing, defensive postures, and leg-crossing, especially after the publication of Julius Fast's book Body

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