The Day I Lost My Heros: A Short Story

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oday is the day they kicked the bucket, the day I lost my hero's, the general population I turned upward to. *Flashback* we were all having a great time playing I spy with my baby brother Harry he was two at the time, mum was trying to figure his word when out of the blue a car came flying towards us, dad tried all that he could to swerve yet it was past the point of no return. *Bang* the car had hit us we went flying noticeable all around *Crash* the car arrived back on the ground our auto moving, I bounced over my sibling so he would be alright, smashed glass wherever it cut me yet I couldn't have cared less I simply needed my family to be alright. Darkness devoured me as the car came to a halt, I don't know to what extent I was out however when my eyes initiated to open I heard the sirens and they came to get me yet I simply needed to see the others yet they wouldn't let me, the exact opposite thing I saw were two body bags my heart smashed like glass before the doors caught me in a deafening silence keeping me from seeing them.

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