Analysis Of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man And The Sea

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As we all know that Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) was born in1898. Clarence Hemingway is his father, who works as a physician, and loves the outdoors sports. His mother was a devout Christian whose name is Grace Hall Hemingway. She loves music for pro-parents love music too. Hemingway loves hunting, fishing and music. In 1917, the United States joined the World War I, Hemingway wanted to be a soldier, but suffered from eye disease so that he didn’t have the ability to pursue his dream. At the same time, he was in the "Kansas City Star" as a reporter. When World War I happened, he got a job being driver for ambulance when he was in France but due the dangerous situation, just when he was about to have his 19th birthday party, he got hurt in an…show more content…
The novel talks about an epic struggles between so many things. The Old Man and the Sea, a simple story, shows us that fisherman’s battle with a big marlin. Santiago has failed to catch any fish for 84 days, while he still has a lot of courage. Finally, he goes far out into the sea. During the process, he eventually gets the chance to get a big marlin successfully. Santiago tries his best to kill the fish and gets it tied to his bout, only to find that on the way home he has to fight a more desperate struggle with some dangerous giant sharks, which eat up the marlin, leaving only a skeleton. Santiago brings it home. He almost would be dead for exhaustion during the process to hunt. So that we should think highly of him. Among many great American writers, Hemingway is very famous for his special style. Among all of novel published by Hemingway during his life, all of his unique writing style can be seen in his famous novel called The Old Man and the Sea reflects. (贝茨…show more content…
It makes us proud of being heroes. And the fiction also praises the dauntless struggle sprit of the fisherman. We can get that we should not be satisfied with the status quo. We should be positive by means of doing anything to be persistent when meet with difficulties. At the same time, we must rise to challenge and not give up halfway. Only in this way can we get the chance to obtain greater award in the future. We should be like the old man aspiring to pursue goals. So to use our ambition and perseverance, we are supposed to try our best to do most useful thing in our limited and short life. (Donaldson, S

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