Bacillus Cereus Case Study

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Characteristic of Bacillus Cereus:  MTCC No- 430  Name of bacteria – Bacillus Cereus  Genus- Bacillus  Species- Cereus  Amount Ordered- 1 culture  Growth medium-3  Temperature- 30º  Incubation time- 24hr  Subculture – 30 days  Special feature- Assay of chlortetracycline, oxytetracycline and tetracycline  Gram-positive  Rod-shaped  Facultative anaerobes Growth Medium- 3 consists of following combinations. Composition Nutrient Agar Beef Extract - 1.0g Yeast Extract - 2.0g Peptone - 5.0g NaCl - 5.0g Agar - 15g All these values are used for 1.0L of water.  But as for this experimental work we need bacterial medium in liquid format instead of jelly. By adding all…show more content…
 At first by following the above mentioned steps revival of culture was done. All these steps are done under laminar air flow chamber so that the pure sample does not get contaminated.  Then by following steps nutrient medium of small amount was prepared than pure bacteria was inoculate to the medium. So that the amount of pure culture increases.  Conical flasks of different sizes like 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml are washed properly.  Nutrient Hi Veg borth suspended of weight 13g in 1000ml of water, fixed. So according to that we have to calculate the weight used for 500ml and 250ml. For 500ml add 6.5g of medium and for 250ml flask add 3.25g of medium respectfully. 500ML…show more content…
Figure 3.16 showing incubation of flasks  By doing incubation the added bacteria was mixed properly. In this incubation machine with constant shaking for 24 hr in a constant rate of 121rpm done by maintaining a constant temperature.  After seeing development of bacterial cell in flasks they were taken out for use.  The same process is repeated for several times up to generating bacterial nutrient mediums of more amounts to replace water volumetrically for constructing all 9 mixes. Cell Concentration Calculation procedure To monitor cell concentration of pure culture light scattering techniques is used. This technique is very rapid and non destructive. But this technique does not measure cell number or cells/ml. When light passed through the micro organism all light get scatered. So the amount of scatter is the indication of presence of total mass of living things with specific

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