Swot Analysis Of Vehicle Dealership

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SWOT analysis is vital in strategic planning. The purpose of SWOT is to review organizations strength, weakness, oppoutiunitites and threats, as well as, address major issues within a strategic plan. Vehicle dealerships utilize SWOT to determine vital information in the local vehicle market. Vital information such as, obtaining vehicle loans, establish business objectives, and develop marketing strategies. “Note that the SWOT analysis evaluates the organization’s financial resources, people, and technical aspects of the organization (Tilley & Rosenblatt, 2017)”. Two strengths that make my vehicle dealership stand out from the rest is our amazing customer service. My dealership has been in business since the early ninety’s and we are known for…show more content…
One weakness that my dealership has is the ability to allow our customers to view the available cars online. We are currently working on this issue in hopes of increasing traffic to salesroom. Using this technology will allow potential customers to be able to view our cars online and be able to start the initial car buying experience online. Rebuilding the website is a temporary weakness that the dealership is working through to boost sales. My dealership is currently building a website with many possibilities, to include completing a vehicle loan application and having the convenience to view the array of vehicles on the car…show more content…
During the slow season that tends to threaten sales, we slash prices and offer rebates. When a hike in gas prices spike and threaten sales, we offering incentives on smaller vehicles, or gas cards for customers who purchases on larger vehicles. We pay special attention to our competitors in the areas and what incentives they offer in an attempt to make counter offer to potential customers. Gantt charts are a visualization of a project from start to finish. Gantt charts read to left to right and from top to bottom. The chart beginning when the project kicks off and will end when the project is complete. In addition to showing all the task in order, Gantt charts show sequencing and dependency. Gantt charts also help businesses or project managers, control resources and time. This help the project managers know when or who is scheduled to work and when they are free. These charts create an effective way to visible see time, tasks and

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