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Class size is a major factor which leads to academic success. Class size has been always a matter of educational system to every single school in every single society all across the world. It has been proved many times that how much impact it has in academic success and achievement of each student body. I believe class size reduction leads to academic success and a high performance of each student due to many reasons. As Dennis Van Roekel, president of the National education Association (NEA) said: ”The proven long-term benefits of reducing class sizes—achievement gains and higher graduation rates—should help determine our priorities. The long-term consequences of not reducing class sizes will have a negative impact on our children’s future…show more content…
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This program began in 1996 and was created mostly for the students with financial disadvantages and poverty. The program funded the students and implemented four rules in each school: a) reduce the student-teacher ratio meaning 15 students per teacher b) Schools started in the morning till evening due to CSR and had to have much timing. c) Had strict curricula d) created a professional and accountable staff. After bringing all these changes and implementing all those rules the SAGE studied the impacts in comparison to normal sized classes and they found that it had a brilliant performance advantages with larger gains for minority of students. (A. Molnar)

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