Essay About Giving Birth

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Moreover, contrary to popular belief, giving birth is not an act that is presumed to be selfless and showcases altruism. This is because parents may be giving birth with the sole intention to only expand their family. Women may be giving birth, so they can finally be a woman that is deemed as completed, to stop the nagging from relatives and to live up to social expectations. Some may even be procreating to ensure their old, future life would be taken care of by their children. Before delving into this controversial issue, we ought to first understand the meaning of ethics and what makes an action or behaviour ethical. Ethics are moral principles with relation to the overt behaviour of a person. An action that is ethical is an action that has…show more content…
This can be proven when females are paid less than men even if they work the same job and hold the same position. Like black people, they too live a life of constant fear. Fear is an emotion that females have become so acquainted and familiar with. Females are regularly preyed on by sexual predators and abusers. Their freedom and simple enjoyment have been mercilessly stripped away. For instance, they must travel in pack and put their keys in between their fingers for safety and protection. While walking, they must be aware of mysterious vans and cars that may pull up beside them and drag them in at all times. Walking at night is impossible for them. It is scary for them to take Uber. They are also not recommended to drink, enjoy and release their stress in a club after a long day. Finally, it is a silent requirement for them to dress appropriately to prevent predators from coming onto them. This is because victims are often blamed for dressing "inappropriately" that unleashed the men's desire to sexually violate them. Therefore, if you give birth to a girl, she would then have to live with all these terrors and dread. This is the case for all
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