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Southern Gothic There are many different type of literatures and all of them are not the same. Each literature represent time period and meaning .Southern Gothic represent stories deal with peoples and families that have problem in life. A major theme for many southern gothic authors, are the innocent's place in the world(Southern Gothic).Poverty ,criminal behavior, death, family, lost love, and alcohol are few of the characteristics of southern gothic characters. Some of the author of southern gothic are Flanny O Connor, William Faulkner, Tennessee William, Truman Capote, Annie Nice, and Erincsive Caldwell. Everyone have a story to tell about their background, life style, future, and disability. Many short stories reflect real world problem…show more content…
It became a trending topic in the eighteen and nineteen century in the Europe and American (History of Southern Gothic). Authors start to write about real problems and issue that happen in the United State. The character life in the story represent many people in the world. There are grotesque, innocent, and outsider character. In Barn Burning, Colonel Mother is an innocent character because she keep everybody calm. Colonel is an outside character because he was not the hero but he stop his father from hurt anybody else. In A Good Man Hard to find the grandmother was a grotesque character because she was negative through the whole story. Southern Gothic deal with racism, feminist, southern tradition, and homosexual (Southern Gothic Moment) Violence was a big deal because it was change for many people and they did not know how to handle the new changes. Many southern town during the twenty was after civil war, so violence became a big part of their daily live (Southern Gothic). A Rose for Emily about a southern tradition about who Emily chose for her lover. One of the town person said “of course a Grierson would not think seriously of a Northerner a day labor” (Faulkner, paragraph 31). Lottery Ticket about a woman who get the ticket for her husband and the town did not agreed with her

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