Imagery In The Shelves By Grace Shiver

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Seeing the cover and reading the title are entirely two different things although they create the same imagery in our heads. The cover provides an instant image while the title leaves room for imagination and creativity which earns it a perfect 5 as well. The title says it all and is literally a dead give away. Reading Shiver would literally give you the chills as it completely radiates a cold, wintery vibe all throughout. The book starts with the heroin, Grace Brisbane, as she recollects her deathly encounter with the werewolves when she was eleven in the fictional town of Mercy Falls in Minnesota, USA. Shiver opens with a vivid description of the said encounter, stating scenes where Grace has been dragged from the tire swing of her childhood, the musky smell of wolf coat, the feeling of teeth…show more content…
Her attempts were proven futile as she was sent home and there she finds a man in her back deck, naked and shot. She soon realises that he was “her wolf” and proceeds to aid him. She brings him to the hospital where Sam heals within a short period of time after being stitched and so they were fleeing the hospital all too soon because they knew he wouldn’t be able to explain his rapid healing. From then on she realises the truth: he was not a mere wolf but a werewolf. With dark pasts with regards to their parents to share - Grace’s being regular absentees and Sam’s being cruelly brutal - that leave them insecure, lonely, and somehow lost, they soon found themselves falling for each other. They were both in the quest for searching love and found it in one another. They were opposites and they drew each other in. Grace was into mathematics, was practical and strong. Sam on the other hand was into poetry, was gentle and creative. He once

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