The Hobbit Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Hobbit Compare and Contrast Essay “ the Hobbit trilogy has been incredibly successful on a domestic and worldwide stage. The three-film trilogy cost around $765m to produce and made $2.916b worldwide thus far. “ The Hobbit is a book written by J.R.R Tolkien and was directed by Peter Jackson and made into a three part movie series. It tells a story of a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, who is invited to go on a journey with a group of dwarves and his mutual Gandalf. The dwarves and Bilbo travel back to the land where their people once lived in hopes of getting back lost riches. The book and movie series have lots of differences. I have chosen to analyze two parts in “Barrels Out of Bond” that have distinctive changes in the movie. Such as…show more content…
In the novel it states, “..Bilbo wondered what the dwarves were feeling and whether a lot of water was getting into their tubs. Some of those that bobbed along him in the gloom seemed pretty low in the water and he guessed that these had dwarves inside” ( Tolkien 185 ). This greatly impacted the story because it told of how Bilbo’s plan was successful but risky as well. I believe Tolkien’s intention was to create a calm, yet worried environment for the dwarves well being while traveling. However, in the movie elves and orcs were chasing the dwarves down the river for a majority of the time they were in barrels. The movie had a huge impact in showing the journey down the river. Jackson’s intent was to add more drama and suspense to the story. This scene allowed us to see how the dwarves act in battle and gave them more personality rather than saying all the dwarves name in order depersonalizing the action. Another reason Jackson included the fight scene was to draw more people’s interest to watch it which brings in a larger revenue. Thus stating the novel and book greatly differ in the scene when the dwarves are traveling down the

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