The Body Shop Case Study

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The sustainable development of any kind of business is a unique development strategy of the enterprise which is essential for successful long-term existence of the company in a competitive market. Company sustainability - is an ability of business to look more attractive to the market in such areas as: • safety (industrial and environmental); • responsibility (social attractiveness of the company); • environmentally friendly production (preservation and reproduction of the resources). Sustainable development of business requires development of the management system, which considers interests of consumers, suppliers, shareholders, enterprise personnel and society with providing profit for shareholders; qualitative working conditions. Also,…show more content…
The main purpose is to describe the company, its impacts on the ecosystem, as well as to discuss its CSR initiatives. In March 1976, Anita Roddick opened her first drugstore scale cosmetic store in Brighton. The Body Shop’s main idea is that: "Business must be socially oriented". The original idea for the business was that the company should spend money not only on packaging, but on the creation and improvement of products. Customers are confident that the products of The Body Shop are environmentally-friendly: every year products were sold for the sum more than 500 million dollars. The Body Shop’s mission statement requires the company to run their business in a way that balances economical, social and environmental…show more content…
They are constantly looking for the optimal ways of utilizing the defective products, for example by recycling packaging and use its contents as compost. With such utilization, they decrease amounts of defective goods which are thrown away to landfill. Water in shops, offices and warehouses of The Body Shop company is mainly used for the employees’ needs. They try to minimize it by using the plumbing with economical drainage of water and other devices, allowing to save water. The Body Shop was regarded as a pioneer of modern CSR and it was one of the first firms that published a report on its social responsibility initiatives. (Is this the First ever CS/E Report?, February, 2003) All employees follow the laws and regulations of the company, as well as compliance with all the principles and values of the business. Analyzing the information about the company and its reports, which relate to CSR, I would like to highlight the

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