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Fluid Mechanics ( Assignment ) SUBMITTED TO:- Dr. Fahad Noor SUBMITTED BY:- M.Ali Tahir 2014-ME-341 UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, LAHORE (KSK CAMPUS) Contents: 1.Capillary Action 1.1-Forces Causing Capillary Action 1.2-How does this action work 1.2.1-Examples 1.3Capillary action to make electricity 1.4Result 2.Perpetual motion and machine: 2.1-Perpetual motion: 2.2-Efforts to make Perpetual machines 2.3-Result 3.What is Fluid Mechanics 3.1-Uses and Applications of Fluid Mechanics 3.1.1-Hydraulic presses 3.1.2-Wind tunnels 1.Capillary Action: Capillary action is basically defined as the action under which a liquid has the ability to flow against gravity in a narrow space such as a thin tube. It is the movement of liquid along a surface of a solid caused by the attraction of molecules of the liquid to the molecules of the solid. Let's simplify. A liquid, like water, going up a narrow tube naturally is not considered as a typical. Since, water and other liquids in general flows with the gravitational forces, it requires specific circumstances and physical effect to flow against the forces of gravity.…show more content…
In fact, such forces can be greatly reduced, but they can never be completely eliminated without expending additional energy. A prime example is the superconductive metals, whose electrical resistance disappears completely at low temperature, usually somewhere around 20 K. Unfortunately, the energy required to maintain the low temperature exceeds the work that results from the superconductive flows so our purpose of getting a motion which does not need any outside push to remain in motion is not full filled so this type also fails to give us a perpetual machine in real

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