Spanish Business Case Study: L Oral's Product

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One of the factor they failed to attract Brazilian for their product was because of their technique or method in selling product. L’Oreal current method in selling product was selling in shops, hypermarket, pharmaceutical outlet and drugstore. Differ from the Brazilian culture which they preferred the direct selling method. As stated earlier, we knew that Brazilian women likes to experience the product personally approach by the direct seller. Mr. Jean Paul Agon, the chief executive officer insisted that L’Oreal will not using the door-to-door concept. Instead L’Oreal will provided personal beauty advisor in any stores their product sold. L’Oreal focused their business on the department store such as Lojas American and trying to sell in pharmaceutical and drugstore. Mr. Agon confident that when the market…show more content…
They should learned to adapt the Brazilian culture without selfishly thinking to change their culture. Globalization of a company is a good start to expand company’s growth. However, without proper planning and understanding of the culture it would be hard for the company. The best thing that a company can do is learning and adapting other culture. Besides, rules and regulations of one’s country should be followed to prevent from future loss. If we cannot follow the regulations backup plan should be done. As we could see from The Body Shop issues with the animal testing regulations which against their company’s policy. The Body Shop rather taken off their stores completely from China. Any other company must ensure there are no issues regarding regulations or law for company’s product. As a conclusion, it is not easy entering new market or new country where the culture practices are not the same with home country. Each culture must be study to suit the local taste and also at the same time did not loss the touch or originality of one’s

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