The Pros And Cons Of Media Censorship

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The press use media to collect information and news about various phenomena happening in the world, and to summarize the information. The necessity of the press became more and more evident as a society became more complex and bigger in the modern age. Therefore, school newspapers are being published at various schools in response to students' desire to express their thought, as school is also a little society. Anyway, some media has been censored by certain groups for the sake of protecting a detainee from the bad for the benefit of a particular group. Now, except in a few countries, the endless struggle have guaranteed the freedom of the press. Nevertheless, it is still assumed reasonable that the school press be censored. However, Even it is a student's newspaper, posting an already censored article is not justifiable due to its infringement of freedom of expression, loss of trust to the media, and vague object of censorship. First of all, even in the case of student media, censorship is clearly an infringement of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is one of the four…show more content…
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