The Big Picture

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The Big Picture: Sex & Sexuality In the U.S. our attitudes towards sex has changed frequently and are often contradictory. There are strong movements to keep sex within marriage. Most people have sex before their senior year in high school. Infidelity, teen pregnancy, and sexual violence are all issues related to sexuality. Puritans punish people for inappropriate sexual activity. They do this even when it occurred in that person’s home. The first study of sexual behavior lead to a sexual revolution. This sexual revolution preached free love. This revolution changed people’s sexual behaviors. For example, women became more open to multiple partners and premarital sex. The speaker had a monotone voice throughout the entire video. It seemed like she didn’t even want to be there. I think the information could have been conveyed better. To me, it seemed a little jumbled up. Social Inequalities: Sex & Sexuality We live in a society that is deeply heteronormative. Heteronormative is a culture that naturalizes sexuality. It’s this assumption that heterosexuality is preferred and normal. Herterosexuality is our default. When we think of couples normally we think of a male and female. Heteronormativity restricts all of us, not just the people…show more content…
Messages about sexuality are found throughout our culture. They are found on our televisions, the internet, movies, and popular music. These all provide us with ideas about sexual desires and behaviors. Attitudes towards sexuality change over time. Your parents might not have the same views as you have. Sociologists can often find jobs in counseling or case management positions. Many sociologist have additional training in psychological counseling or social work. The speaker in this video has a monotone voice. You could definitely tell she didn’t want to be there. Despite that, you could tell she knew what she was talking about. I found this video to be informative and a little
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