West African Creation Stories Essay

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Throughout the world there are many different cultures. With-in these cultures are their beliefs and ideas on how things were made and created. All cultures have one thing in common and that is the fact that they all have their own creation story. The creation stories are one of the best resources to compare different cultures. The Chinese and West African creation stories have many similarities and differences in their setting, their creator, and their cultural values. To begin, the setting of the two stories is one of the easiest areas to compare and understand a culture. The similarities between the two stories involving the setting are that when the earth was formed it began with land being made first. In the Chinese version the earth was formed when the pure and impute elements settled to form the sky and ground. In the West African version Obatala poured sand onto the water which resulted in the forming of land. The differences in the stories are that before the earth was formed where and what existed. What existed before the earth for the Chinese culture was an egg that floated in the sky that contained the contents of the universe. The…show more content…
The difference in the stories is how the world was created. For the Chinese the world was created accidently when Pan Gu broke the egg which released all of the contents inside making the universe. On the other hand Obatala created the West African’s world when he decided that he wanted to do something creative. The similarities of these creators are the fact that they are both powerful beings. Pan Gu was a massive giant who grew inside of the egg and became strong enough that when he awoke he broke the egg open releasing what was inside. Obatala was a curious Orisha who had all of the tools necessary to form the Earth. These statements help to compare the creators of the world for these two

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