Photoshop: The Cause Of Eating Disorders

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Though comparing disorders such as OCD and Schizophrenia is not in the same ballpark as eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, but we all understand where her analogy is coming from. She’s saying that these advertisers aren’t nor can be held responsible for the the impact and possible outcome that impact has on the minds of those viewing the ad. The way a person comprehends the picture they are viewing is their own problem in it’s own. If someone wants to take an image and compare themselves to that is their own choice, whether it has a negative or positive impact is also their own choice. There are several distorted views on such things in the United States, but Photoshop is not believed to be the reason the view on beauty is so…show more content…
When asked about their self-image after viewing false pictures of ideal bodied women that they thought to be real, 42% of first to third graders wish they were thinner than what they are; 81% of 10-year-olds are extremely afraid of being fat (Bianco). From another elementary school study from girls that read magazines, 69% say these pictures have an influence on their ideal body shape; 47% say the pictures they view make them want to lose weight. This is coming from elementary school girls. They’re first-fifth graders. They should in no way be worried about what their bodies look like at such a young age. America’s youth has been almost ruined from these so-said “perfect” bodies that are advertised in magazines. Exposure to these ideals lead to the general body dissatisfaction experienced by most teenage, and now even elementary, girls. The vocabulary term of negative body image is best described by Halliwell and Dittmar, 2006, “negative body image is the psychologically salient discrepancy between a person’s perceived body and their ideal body.” The average weight for a 15 year old girl that is 5’3” isn’t going to be a healthy weight if these advertisements keep having as big of an impact on their self-image as it already does. “According to socio-cultural theory, negative body image is a result from societal pressure to conform to a culturally-defined beauty and body ideal” (Thompson 2004). Just because

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