Brusty Klaim: A Short Story

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It’s a sunny day in bikini bottom and Jerry was browsing the web when an ad pops up. “BADUM” goes his computer it’s a picture of a grizzly bear. So he clicks on it, it brings up an exotic animal website giving away grizzly bears for only $10,000. Jerry wants the grizzly bear really bad but there's one problem, money is not an issue because Jerry and his family are rich. His dad is CEO of bikini bottom news station and has 50% equity of the Krusty Krab. The problem is his dad might say no. But Jerry thinks to himself that he should atleast try. So he does, as soon as his dad arrives from work Jerry runs to his dad’s brand new blacked out boat and asks. He dad sternly says “NO”. Jerry is furious him and his dad started yelling at each other and

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