Emily Gravett: A Literary Analysis

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The Picture Book that i consider that has merit due to the illustrations that Emily Gravett who is both the illustrator and the author, has used in the picture book Little Mouse’s Big Book Of Fears. The book is about different fears that the mouse encounters throughout the book, and names types of fears that the mouse has and gives a description about what the fear is. The quote in the Tunnel reading “Text and illustration are woven together to communicate. To get the full measure of meaning and fulfilment from a good picture book, the reader must attend carefully to both… young readers not only may become aware of the variety of artistic styles, media and techniques that artist employ, but they also develop a sense for judging quality” (Tunnell…show more content…
It builds suspense so that the reader will want to know what is going to happen next… a good plot builds logically. casual relationships connect the events, and these are plausible within the context” (Giorgis 2013 pg. 38). After every page you are just wanting to know what comes next this causes the suspense and mystery. She creates the setting in a child’s house who has a mouse living there, this relates back to the theme of the book which is fear, the style of writing the author uses is the use of short sentences and one sentence per page, this creates a suspense mood as mentioned before. Another factor that relates back to the quote is that the reader has to become aware of both the written features in the book Little Mouses Big Book Of Fears by understanding how the text is woven together with the illustrations that was discussed in the previous paragraph. Since the Author and Illustrator being the same person this allows for the reader to understand and get fulfilment from the picture

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