1920s Movie Comparison

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Movies of the 1920s started out very diverse and different from the movies today. Each movie can differ from one another. Movies during this time made in several places. Movies shown in different ways can give a person different perspective of the movie. 1920 movies really kicked off and built upon the foundation that’s already in place. Most of the movie production took place in or near Hollywood. Some of the movies made in New Jersey and in Astoria on Long Island had the same elements and things that the movies made in Hollywood had. At the End of the Decade 20 Studios still there at the end. Some theatres began offering double features and because of this the industry had a capital of over $ 2 billion. Movies of this time came big business…show more content…
She starred with her sister Dorothy in 1922 in the movie “Orphans of the Storm”. She also starred in “Way Down East” in 1920. Gish worked with Swedish director Victor Seastrom on 2 of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s works. In 1928 and in 1926 starred in “The Scarlet Letter” and “The Wind”. The wind, considered one of the last greatest silent films (Dirks,2015). She said that "The older I get, the more I believe in what I can't explain or understand, even more than the things that are explainable and understandable." Also she said ''I've never been in style, so I can never go out of style." and "Actors, like soldiers, can bed down anywhere." ( Gish, "The Official Website of Lillian Gish :: About Lillian Gish :: QUOTES"). Many former actors and actress started directing movies in 1924. After the public demanded better movies, studios made bigger budget films. They used a new color process in 1926 on “The Black Pirate”. Leading directors , actors, producers and writers formed the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in 1927 in Hollywood ("1920s Movies"). Some of the actors and actresses of the 1920s have a Jewish background (Halperin, " Movies in the 1920s and

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