Hollywood Vs. Paramount Pictures: Changing The Film Industry

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United States vs. Paramount Pictures was a case that would forever change the film industry. Prior to groundbreaking supreme court decision, major film studios had a strong hold on profits, “stars” and real estate. The Big studios lost their solid business plan coupled with House Committee of Un-American Activities (HCUA) political hearings led to depressed years for many Hollywood screenwriters, directors and entertainment professionals. The Golden Years of Hollywood could arguably be the best years in American film making. Directors were developing new techniques, stars were created, films were distributed with ease and long-term contracts kept studios sure of future profits. This era in American film led to many great films such as “Citizen Kane”, “Gone With The Wind”, “The Wizard of Oz” and too many to name. Between 1930-1959, Fox Film Corporation, Loew’s Incorporated, Paramount…show more content…
Hollywood had enlisted the Hollywood Blacklist on November 25, 1947 that would deny employment to any screenwriter, director, actor or any entertainment industry professional that was alleged member of or sympathizes with the Communist political party. Two days after 10 writers and directors refused to testify to the HUAC, this new blacklist damaged many professionals careers and led to scores of professionals using pseudonyms and other authors to get work out. Screenwriters Dalton Trumbo, Ring Lardner Jr., Albert Maltz, Lester Cole, Alvah Bessie, John Howard Lawson, Samuel Ornitz, Herbert J. Biberman and director and producers Edward Dmytryk and Adrian Scott made up the Big Ten that was the forefront of the Hollywood Blacklist. Writers such as Maltz original screenplay “The Robe” were uncredited for their work during the blacklist or blocked from working at all. The blacklist ended in 1960 when Trumbo was credited for writing the successful film

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