V-J Day In Times Square Picture Analysis

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Everyone has seen the picture, reenacts the picture, but who really truly knows the real story behind it? The infamous picture “V-J Day in Times Square” by Alfred Eisenstaed in 1945 features a soldier kissing a nurse in the middle of Times Square. There are millions of pictures of people recreating the image, but the one that really caught my attention was of the famous singer Katy Perry onstage at her concert in Times Square in May 2012. The two images clearly portray what life was like at the time of the pictures taken, as seen through both the similar and contrasting details of the images. The pictures contain many similar qualities, including the mood of the picture and the lack of romance enclosed in the picture. It is very strange…show more content…
Though the first picture looks like it could be romantic, closely looking at the details shows otherwise. The front man in the Navy pulled the first girl he saw to him and basically forced her to kiss him. The way her hand is placed with her purse near his chest displays her absence of openness to the man. The placing of the man’s arm around neck also makes it look like he is holding her in headlock to force her to kiss him. The awkward hand placement of the two of them is enough to make it seem like there is no romance involved between them. Likewise with Katy Perry, she literally just found a random audience member and because she was newly single she kissed him. There was no love behind it at all and no sign of romance involved. The lack of romance in the two pictures is something many people would see in today’s society rather than in the 40’s. Today there are so many people who just “hook up” for fun, but back in the day people were more traditional. Guys would do anything for a girl he likes and introduce them to his parents and it was a big deal back then to be in a relationship. Today there are less people like that in the world, and the picture of Katy Perry definitely represents that

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