The Benefits Of Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering is simply defined as; “the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material, be it an animal, plant or a bacterium”. Even human genes over the years have been manipulated to change that of even eye color and recently that of attempting to create “designer babies”. Genetic engineering or Gene therapy should only be used for the treatment of serious or infectious diseases, as well as cell regeneration. Genetic engineering on a whole is a very delicate and sensitive topic. Yet man has been able to manipulate it so much they can achieve wonders on a molecular scale. This has often been achieved by using recombinant DNA “rDNA”, or DNA that has been isolated from two or more different organisms and then incorporated into a single molecule. Yet in modern times technological advances has allowed us to even take it further by even manipulating the genes of unborn babies for the ideal offspring or designer babies.…show more content…
Going along with the God complex doctors or medical professionals have, they often times try to step into the realm of God and have often tried to create new life in their own image. This has caused man to forget that what we need is advances in medicine to heal incurable diseases and finding a way to figure out cell regeneration to return lost limbs or to cure paralysis. Yet they are stuck on creating super humans or a generation that’s better than the other and forgetting the ethics behind genetic
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