The Argument Against Animal Testing

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Centuries ago until now animals are considered one of the main sources in human lives. They can be beneficial for human such as using their skins for different purposes, for example making out clothes, furniture, etc. As they can benefit as some of them are eatable by humans, while others people use animals as a pets in their houses. However, the same creatures that had a huge impact in our livers are being torched, suffered and harmed. In the hands of humans who think or claim that there doing this for more developed healthcare. Scientists have been using animals as a way to test medicines centuries ago and till now this method is used. This essay will argue about animal testing. People encourage animal testing because they assume that animal testing contributes to improving medicines and taking them to an advanced level [1]. However, animal testing is unpredicted. Accordingly, to most of the research it shows that the rate of efficiency of these tests is actually low [2]. Supporting those researches comes one of the familiar diseases, cancer with its several forms. After, a long journey of research scientist found a cure that’s serviceable. It not only showed enormous improvement in mice…show more content…
Nearly every doctor, researcher and scientist relied on animal testing on there experiments [4]. If not using animals as a test model, then humans would be used [5]. In addition, the fact that both animals and humans are very alike and that they share the same diseases makes them great candidates for those kinds of tests [5]. Which, helps with delivering more medications to the health department also incurring the safety of the humans [5][4]. Most of those experiments are not that harmful to the creatures nothing they can’t handle [5]. And last those creatures are created so we as humans can benefit from them so sacrificing hundreds of their life’s to save a child is worth it

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