Mustafa Ataturk: The Father Of Turkey

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In almost every country, there is a figure that is attributed to being the “father” of that country; the one who seized control and “raised” that country into what it is today. Some of these well known and important people are praised for their accomplishments, and others are shamed for their brutal ways of rising to power and ruling under a strict dictatorship. Mustafa Kemal was the “father” of Turkey, and glued the pieces of the broken Ottoman Empire into a unified nation. Kemal became the first president of the Republic of Turkey, and is one of the most prominent, and admired leaders in Turkish history. Mustafa Kemal should be viewed as a revolutionary modernizer because he reformed the nation in many areas, supported the idea of a democracy,…show more content…
This admiration transcended his death, which spotlights the fact that Kemal was a fair ruler to his people. In The New York Times, an article was published about Andrew Mango, who lived in Turkey until he was 21. The author, Stephen Kinzer, described Kemal’s popularity, “A potent shadow, a legend that has grown into an officially sanctioned cult, envelops every aspect of Turkish life. It is the shadow of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic and a virtual deity here” (Source 9). Kinzer emphasizes that the Turks adore their founder, and even compare him to a god. In another article published in The New York Times, Andrew Finkel highlights the pride Turks have for their country and founder, “A Turkish flag with the portrait of Turkey’s founder…floats above thousands of people celebrating Republic Day in Ankara” (Source 10). The Turks obviously credit Kemal as being the “father” of their country, and celebrate his victory. Kemal was recognized by many people as a wonderful leader. The Mark Twain Society of America praised him, “You have left a more glorious name in history than that of Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar and Napoleon. Your military and civil genius has deeply affected human history” (Source 12). Kemal is compared to some of the most successful and prominent leaders to ever walk the Earth. Kemal was, and still is adored by the Turks, which further confirms that he was a modernizer and not a

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