The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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Animals are living creatures. They’re not a subjected for experiments. Using animals in scientific researches has been a topic of heated debate for decades. Selected people are pro in this test while others area con. People have different feelings for animals. Animals used as their companions while others view that animals are for scientific testing only. Several scientists only think how to making their test successfully without knowing that animal they use are being abused and maltreated. Not all tests are relevant to human health. Certain scientific tests can cause human diseases instead of having a decent effect. Testing on animals for medical research is not helpful since, it can give us wrong answers. In addition, various tests done on animals can provide misleading results. Animals…show more content…
Animal testing is cruel and inhumane. Animal rights are violated when they are used in researches. They have a basic moral right to respectful treatment (Regan, 1985). Certain scientist uses animals without any permission to the animal welfare. Human beings and animals are not the same; therefore, people should not use them for scientific testing to make products that are not safe. Mice are the recorded used animal for scientific testing. Mankind is constructing laws for animals’ right, however having an inhumane scientist; they violate the rules and make their experiments. Using animals as their subject for their experiments can cost too much money and a very long period of time. In this study, Collins (2011) states that, Not all animal tests are accurate to the effectiveness to humans. Animals that are subjected to tests are causing too much pain or even death. Prejudice against animals for they
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