Essay Against Animal Testing

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The experimentation of animals is a widely contested aspect of medical research. The question posed is: under what conditions, if any, is it morally acceptable to conduct experimental research on non-human animals? Experimental research, for the purpose of this paper, will be defined as the the potential harmful, non-therapeutic research on animals. As a basis for the argument, it is necessary to provide statistics on conducting animal research. Each year more than 100 million animals are killed in the process of non-human mammal research, 22 million of which are solely in the United States. This paper will prove the immorality of conducting medical experiments on non-human animals without the explicit benefit of humans substantially outweighing…show more content…
A common argument posed in favour of animal testing is that the issue of equality depends on a discussion of rights and according to this, animals do not merit equal consideration because of their lack of rights. However the fact that an entity does not have rights does not mean that their interests count for less than that of right-bearers. The analogy can be made to that of a baby or a mentally incapacitated person; although they lake a certain mental capability, they are still treated with equal rights to that of a person of pristine heath and mental status. We therefore must take into account as a utilitarian the equal consideration of the rights and well-being of all non-human mammals as we would that of an infant. Additionally a similar argument is posed stating that the inability of animals to use human language or reason as intricately as do humans puts them at a lower stature and therefore subjected to different moral treatment. However once again the analogy can be made to babies or severely mentally incompetent humans who cannot reason or speak any better than that of nonhuman mammals. Most humans would be appalled if those humans were used in experiments yet are unfazed by the experimentation of animals. This contradiction explicitly goes against the principal of equality as the interests of all are not being taken into

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