Arguments Against Animal Testing

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For numerous centuries people have fought about animal testing and on if animal testing should be legal or not. When people argue about animal testing they have two different sides to the argument but no matter who was arguing about animal testing the subject about animal cruelty will always come up in each side of the argument. I just like so many others am against animal testing for many reasons including animal cruelty. People that are for animal testing would say that scientists take care of animals and they put less stress on the animals. The people like me that are against animal testing would argue that scientists isolate animals, do not give the animals a break, and they cause animals to get diseases that can mess up their bodies.…show more content…
These animals that are bred to be tested on are supposedly going through less stress because they can handle being tested on. Animals that are bred to be tested on have the strength and ability to be tested on for long periods of time without really being hurt (Using Animals for Medical Testing is Both Ethical and Essential, 2012). Scientist have made it less stressful for animals in numerous ways and one of the ways is putting them on monitors. In the past scientists use to give animals diseases that humans were having a problem with and then try to cure the animal from the disease. If after the first attempt the animal was not cured then the scientists would have to kill the animal and try again. But now scientists hook the animal up onto this monitor and so they can tell how well the medicine is working, so then they will kill less animals in the long run (Stokstad, 2004). Some people might argue that animal testing is not cruel or that they are really advancing the animal and human kind in the long run but there is still a lot of things that go wrong with animal testing and that include animal…show more content…
An animal just like a human will become depressed and may die without interaction from one of their own kind. Animals will not be able to develop without the assistance and guidance of another their own kind but most scientists do not think about an animal being isolated that way (Society, American Anti-Vivisection Society , 2013). When an animal is getting tested on the scientist does not give that animal a break. If that animal is cured from the disease that the scientists had given him/her then that animal will get another disease to be worked on that same day. Scientists will not allow the animal’s body to rest and get back to the normal state for the body, they just want to treat all the diseases that they can before the animal dies (Society, American Anti-Vivisection Society , 2013). Like stated above animals acquire disease that humans have just to try to be cured of the disease. When a scientist gives an animal the disease the human’s have the process of the animal having the disease will mess up the animal’s body in many ways. Animals are not meant to get the same disease that a human can get. When a scientist gives the animal a disease, they have to rearrange most of the animal’s cells and genetic material just so the animal could hold the disease for a long period of time (Stokstad,

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