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Burnout is a phenomenon that is generally seen in life as humans engage in their work 39. Historically, literary works have highlighted features of burnout buttressing to the suspicion that individuals had been experiencing burnout-related problems before the term was used. Greene in his fiction work, ‘A Burn Out Case’, depicted an architect who was frustrated and exhausted, and subsequently abandoned his work to seek solace in an African forest 40. This narrative depicts what people go through as they engage their clients, co-workers, and organisational structures in their pursuit of job satisfaction. Clearly, burnout has been a major aspect of psychological well-being that warrants not just mental health workers’ attention but also the general public’s 40. At the marking of the 2008 World Day for Safety and Health, the International Labor Organization stated…show more content…
Incidentally, about the same time, Maslach45 was also exploring the emotional state of health care service providers as they relate with their patients and working environments. Maslach described Burnout as “an internal psychological experience involving feelings, attitudes, motives, and expectations; and that is a negative experience for the individual”40 .Initially, the focus was on healthcare services. Over time, other professions have been recruited into the discourse 46. Maslach classified burnout into three domains 40 viz: (1) Exhaustion: This is a common component of most concepts on burnout. It has various alternative names such as wearing out, fatigue, and loss of energy. (2) Depersonalization (cynicism) domain: This has to do with becoming insensitive, detached and having negative responses to different sessions of work-related activities. (3) Feeling of a lack of accomplishment and reduced subjective efficacy: This self-decrypting concept also constitutes a major component in

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