Malala Yousafzai Short Story

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My dearest friends, today morning when I switched on my radio (Just out of bed), I heard the news of an amazing girl Malala Yousafzai, who have been awarded a Nobel prize. I previously heard about this girl risking her life by an attempt to fight for equal education opportunity to children of both Genders. That is not all that amazed me, but the fact that she was just 11-12 years old gave me a series of imagination of what I could have achieved at the present moment of my life. Poor girl’s life was about to be dumped, and her spirit was about to be crushed before she achieves her genuine purpose for coming here on earth. Her burning spirit of love and achievement, the spirit of a change we most need in our planet today, a spirit to attempt something old and rich, educated and respected, strong leaders and wealthy politicians have long time considered impossible or perhaps unimportant to the flourish of humanity values in this so called 21st century.…show more content…
I did not understand how that could work, however I did not mind to get a camera from a friend and take pictures with my colleagues holding that piece of paper written in the words “bring back our girls”. It’s no big deal I thought, I will take 1000 pictures just

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