Animal Agriculture Persuasive Essay

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It’s hard to ignore the fact that over nine billion animals in the U.S. alone are raised and slaughtered for human consumption annually. However, experts in all departments of our government seem to continually ignore the facts that as the industry of animal agriculture is growing so are the negative implications. Simply put, industrial animal agriculture is in no way sustainable. Pollution of the Earth’s air, water, and land is disturbing the balance within the environment. Greenhouse gas is a term that many people hear, but often don’t take the time to look into. It’s defined as any gas that the Earth’s atmosphere traps and absorbs. This then leads to an increase in the surrounding temperature, which in turn causes global warming. There are many gasses that are capable of being held in the atmosphere. Methane is the most destructive out of these gasses and well, it’s basically cow farts. Yes, methane has other sources like transportation, factories, and the general burning of fossil fuels. Although, nothing comes close to producing the near 20% that animal agriculture is responsible for and the near 80% it’s projected to be by 2050.…show more content…
It is used in every aspect of the industry from growing of the feed to the processing of their meat. Each day the average American uses about 1,000 gallons of water per day, about 900 of which is in thanks to their diet. The consumption of meat isn’t the only concern when it comes to the consumption of water. There’s water that’s running through the fields of the waste that’s produced by the animals in the farms. This water is ending up in the rivers and lakes and contaminating the clean water. It’s causing a rise in illness, antibiotic immunity, and death at an alarming rate for both humans and aquatic life

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