The Third Industrial Revolution Analysis

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There is a famous quote by Karl Marx which states, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” The history of mankind started from lives in caves. The first human beings used handaxes to hunt animals for food. As time passed, human began to seek for a more stable life, marking the beginning of civilization, followed by industrialization which led to the development in the field of technology. Now, the human history is facing a new chapter of evolution, which is the Fourth Industrial Revolution also known as Industry 4.0. A distinct characteristic of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that artificial intelligence and big data technology is emphasized in addition to the IT technology, which represents the Third Industrial Revolution.…show more content…
In the first compartment that appears in the film, which is the trail section, people do not hesitate to take any action in order to survive. Curtis, the protagonist from the tail section mentioned that “You ever been to the tail section? Do you have any idea what went on back there? When we boarded? It was chaos…You know what I hate about myself? I know what people taste like.” This dialogue shows that inhabitants of the tail section did not have ethical order, which resembles barbarism of the first human beings that appeared on the Earth. The following few compartments are where the food supply of the train originates from; an orchard, aquarium and a storage for meat. The emerge of food depots can be interpreted as the beginning of agriculture and livestock farming, indicating intellectual development of human. According to history, mankind began sedentism as they began cultivation and hunting. Thus, rules became necessary for a harmonious group life. The quote “On a train with very limited resources, and a perfectly ecologically balanced fish tank from which sushi can only be harvested twice a year, it is still a good idea to take a huge fresh fish into battle, and then throw it on the floor after about a minute.” is an example of a rule of the train. Thus, such a rule implies that people began to make regulations that must be obeyed in order to live together peacefully. As the basic necessities are fulfilled, the next compartments show a drastic change in the lifestyle of inhabitants. Children receive education and people now have composure to adorn themselves. The inhabitants of the head section resembles the people of the 21st century, having their rights to their own lives. In other words, it is the stage that is facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is the next stage of human

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