Importance Of Communication In The 21st Century

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In the 21 century communication is the key to daily life. Without communication many of us would feel paralyzed. The source of the communication and key to the information age is the internet. It supplies nearly 100% of the communication for the 21st century. By understanding the building blocks of the internet, and software vulnerabilities it will allow you to better understand communication in the 21st century. How we communicate on the internet Communication on the internet has allowed to what took months into seconds. We no longer have to communicate through the slow pace of mail sometimes taking months if you were to send it across the ocean. The weeks of waiting for your mail to communicate with your loved ones far across the…show more content…
UDP is a connection oriented protocol that is used in modern day services such as netflix. Imagine you were about to through a highlighter at someone. With UDP you would continuously keep throwing the highlighter without any verification that someone has received the message. Except TCP functions differently after throwing the highlighters each time you would through it at the individual they would have to verify that they received the highlighter. TCP and UDP are the backbone of the internet without it you would not have many of the capabilities that you would today. Networking, is yet another important feature of the internet it allows the computers to communicate with one another. Although networks themselves though have been around since the 50s, and the first modern usage of networking was in the 1960s with the use of arpanet. It allowed for communication through 4 nodes linking 4 universities. Creating the first Wide Area Network. (WAN) Wan, Lan, P2P are the foundations of computer networks. Lans are the foundational topologies today that are used for wifi. LAN’s can contain two devices or hundreds on their network. Using a single or multiple access points it connects multiple devices in range. Allowing network traffic to flow…show more content…
Over the past year there has been many vulnerabilities that shocked the cybersecurity community. For example, the Samba cry vulnerability, Eternalblue exploit written by the nsa, and most recently the Meltdown vulnerability that came out at the beginning of this year. These software vulnerabilities can be found through a process that is known as fuzzing. Fuzzing will throw bits of data at the application hoping for a crash ,and some of the data that crashes will lead to the data being overwritten. With that data being overwritten it will allow hackers to write an exploit based off the crash and ultimately allow them to gain access to your system. Several examples of exploitable vulnerabilities include buffer overflow, integer overflow, and cross site scripting. Buffer overflows, “In a classic buffer overflow exploit, the attacker sends data to a program, which it stores in an undersized stack buffer. The result is that information on the call stack is overwritten, including the function's return pointer. The data sets the value of the return pointer so that when the function returns, it transfers control to malicious code contained in the attacker's data.”(OWASP) Despite buffer overflows being a well known attack method they are still found in modern software. A good example of a buffer overflow being found in modern software would be through

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