Honey Bees Population Decline Essay

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For years now, the population of honey bees are decreasing for many reasons, and this is effects the entire food chain. Many factors in life are causing bees to die off such as, pesticides, climate changes, and human construction. People at the white house have created a program to help protect all pollenators. We use pesticides on our crops to keep diseases away, in turn they kill our bees. Pesticides are good for crops, to keep the crops heathly from disease, but they also cause a dangerous effect on bees. Bees are essential for producers to produce our food. They carry pollen from plant to plant helping the producers grow food which we eat and when they eat the pollen from flowers, they die because of the pestides chemicals. The article “Declining Bee Populations” pesticides are…show more content…
This is why it is a scary topic on losing pollenators. In the article “What are Killing Bees” they show what other countries have done about the situation. In Europe, the Eueropean Commmision(EC) have banned pestisides for two years. One pesticide is called neonicotinoids, and econogists are proving it’s the sole factor of why the bee population decline. We don’t know if honey bees will make a comeback next year, though we are trying to take action. Pesticides are one cause, but there is also the temperature that effects the population. The article, “Here is Why Bees are Dying” have proof that more than just pesticides that are killing bees. For the past twenty year the climate has changed dramatically. The bees have not learned to adapt to the changing environment. This shows bees are not the fitest for survival making them decrease in thousands. People say its global warming, but really the climate is getting hotter makig bees die off. Soon we will enter another ice age, and this will cause bees to decline even more because another change to adapt

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