The Alamo: History In Texas

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The Alamo was one of the most talked about military engagements of history in Texas. It did not matter what else happened in Texas, even though that it might be important, the battle of the Alamo was one of the most talked about subjects in Texas history. To understand what happened one would first need to know about the Alamo. Next would be the Battle of the Alamo, and then who are the important people of the battle? The Alamo was founded in 1718, near present site San Antonio, Fray Antonio de Olivares named it San Antonio de Valero Mission. It was later called the Alamo, according to historians the name originated from álamo which is the Spanish word for cottonwood. There was a grove of cottonwood trees on the bank of the acequia. The construction…show more content…
[2] General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna forces numbered in the thousands, and the defenders were around 200. The defenders were outnumbered considerably. Colonel James Bowie was in command of the volunteers, and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis was in command of the regulars at the Alamo. When Bowie and Travis got word that Santa Anna was on the way they sent out a request for help. They did this because they knew that the Alamo could not withstand the assault without help. When General Santa Anna arrived he sent a courier to the Alamo to demand their surrender. His response was a cannonball launched in his direction. This led to Santa Anna laying a siege to the Alamo. His artillerymen started working on the walls and knocking the down. The thought was that if the wall were knocked down the garrison would have to surrender. Lieutenant Colonel William Travis pledged that he would never “surrender or retreat” and swore “Victory or Death.” [2] On the last day, March 6,1836, General Santa Anna sent his army to the crumbling walls of the Alamo. He did not care that his army was getting shot he only wanted victory. He had is victory with about 600 Mexicans killed or wounded. [2] At the end of the battle there were no more defenders. Everyone that was defending the Alamo were killed, on quarter was given. During the siege of the Alamo the most notable of the defenders were Davy Crockett, Colonel James Bowie, and Lieutenant Colonel William

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