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Emilio Estevez once said, “I’m a wonderful disaster,so are you. We’re all a mess . We’re in this culture that says take this pill and you’ll be happy. go on a diet and you’ll be thinner, have your teeth whitened, people will love you more”.This quote portrays the idea of perfection just to be more appealing to other’s.This is mostly based on the physical characteristics that makes you exemplary. Emilio Estevez’s quote ties into the excerpt ‘Kitchen”. by Banana Yoshimoto because it emplifies a culture of sexchange and how other’s react to it as a normal thing. Estevez’s quote shows how changes like this will make you achieve perfection without any negative approaches from people. In Banana Yoshimoto’s story “Kitchen”. the poet uses personification, characterization, imagery,and paradox to convey the idea of change physically is okay and accepting it in a humorous way. To begin with, Banana Yoshimoto uses literary devices to convey a message about culture by using personification to show his negative feelings. The poet’s view on the world before the woman is introduced and how lonesome she feels. The author gives out her feelings right…show more content…
moment when she finally awakens by the beauty that made her blind to start with by using paradox to circulate this whole idea. Yoshimoto states “ Yes but….smiling, he sat down on the floor right in front of me.” she had plastic surgery”. “oh?” i said, feigning nonchalance. “I wondered why she didn't look anything like you…… she’s a man” *( Yoshimoto, line 52). It was very amusing for Yoshimoto to discover the truth and she didn't take it in sad way or angry matter but a humorous way to make the moment humorous and not make it so awkward This proves that Yoshimoto’s culture doesn't mind the fakeness in a person physically. They don’t care where unlike in other cultures you would cry from the hurtful words that people would tell as you walk approach

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