How Does Eisenhower Take So Far From God

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The U.S. war with Mexico is a war that historian often lack to mention or discuss. The war is not quite forgotten but just not talked about as much due to overshadow of the Civil War. During the 19th century the U.S. stated this belief of expansion. The expansion was west and throughout the rest of the continent. As settlers started encroaching into territory not owned by the U.S. yet, problems occurred. That is where this book comes in to play. So Far From God is written by John S.D. Eisenhower. The narrative of the events Eisenhower witnessed is very important to the war. Eisenhower writes the book with a very specific intent to the audience. He does not make any political responses nor does he support the war and Manifest Destiny. He writes the book straightly for the facts and how the events occurred.…show more content…
The chapters are not written confusingly or in a way where events are all over. The chapters are written just as the facts happen and when they happen. It’s interesting how the book is divided by the different front of the war. Mainly the two sections of the war were the war in the west and the war in Mexico along the borders, especially in Texas. It is important to discuss the different sections of the war and how it affected the overall victory. Eisenhower devoted an entire section of the book to just talking about Zachary Taylors war. This part of the war really shoed the full force of the armies. After the battle of Battle of Palo Alto, The Battle of Resaca de la Palma was fought between Taylor and Arista. This battle was a great victory for Taylor and proved what the Mexican army would do. In the book many Mexican soldiers either deserting or retreating, “drowned while swimming the river” (84). This victory led to further movement into Mexican

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