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The United States expanded territory by territory throughout history, until it became what it is today. The early to mid-1800s marked western and southern expansion, in result of the revision of the Missouri Compromise. Texas, which was originally part of and controlled by Mexico before their independence, wanted to call for freedom. The Mexican dictator, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, was not at all pleased with Texas’ decision to become a free state; and in consequence, attacked a fort called the Alamo, sparking one of the most dismaying and fatal battles in history. Americans embrace the Alamo mission as a significant moment in history, alongside other pivotal battles such as Gettysburg and Pearl Harbor (Hind). The history of the Alamo begins in 1700 with the establishment of the Mission San Francisco de Solano where Father Antonio de San Buenaventura y Olivares worked to convert many native tribes to Catholicism as the official religion of Spain. After changing locations several times, the present location of the mission was chosen in 1724 the San Antonio area. The first of five Spanish missions, in the San Antonio area, was a residence to many Spanish missionaries and their Indian…show more content…
The two-thousand Mexican offensive troops were met by the Texans' rigorous cannon and rifle fire. Ladders, axes, and crowbars were accompanied by the Mexican army, to help them enter any structures that they entered (The Official Alamo Website). Climbing the walls, the army seized the parameters and ordered the Texans to withdrawal to interior rooms. Santa Anna and his army conquered the territory in about ninety minutes, wiping out all defiance. There were roughly seven defenders that survived the attack, but they were shortly ordered their execution by Santa Anna. Two hours after the start of the occurrence, every defender of the Alamo lay dead

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