Determined Valor And Desperate Courage Summary

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Remember the Alamo! The many versions of this event make some readers question what really happened. The reason for this is due to the perspectives of those writing the accounts. Stephen L. Hardin, who wrote Determined Valor and Desperate Courage, is an American historian, author and expert on the history of Texas, military and social history. He is a professor at McMurry University and provides commentary on various cable channels relating to history. Juan de la Pena, who wrote The Fall of the Alamo, was a colonel in the Mexican Army under General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna during the time of the battle. While he participated in the historical event he kept a personal diary of his time in the Mexican army and the proceedings of the event itself. These two author’s alone present their ideas in very different ways to record the event of a critical time in Texas history.…show more content…
Hardin presents the account of the battle from the beginning to the end. He includes all aspects of the battle from what the Texans were preparing for to how the Mexican troops were reacting to those preparations. Hardin did this by capturing information from a wider perspective and considering views of various historians and writers. For example, de la Pena’s writings show up on Hardin’s list of references. In Juan de la Pena’s account, The Fall of the Alamo, he presents a historic firsthand account of what happened before, during and after the battle. He does not look to others to help tell his story. As a soldier, de la Pena was able to give an eyewitness view of activities surrounding the day of the battle. Not only does he mention the proceedings of the battle but he also mentions the story of the Mexican army how the orders were being issued amongst the

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