Westward Expansion Dbq

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The years 1836-1860 mainly focus on the events that were caused during the Mexican War and that eventually led to the Civil War. This decide highlights the gradual steps taken in order to industrialize the U.S. from Adams Presidency to Lincoln’s. Slavery also became a big issue in the Union and the South. Westward expansion was caused from the treaties that were created between nations. Some of these states soon desired their own independence which would benefit the U.S. This decade is significant in history because this was the era where the United States was able to completely establish a nation that would help in managing the power and government. In 1836, Texas engaged in a war with Mexico also known as the Remember the Alamo War as aresult of Texas seeking independence. This war demonstrated that no one in the Alamo was to be spared and they should be executed. In 1846, the Wilmot Proviso was passed which stated that all the land the United States will receive, should not have slavery. The Mexican War of 1846 was a 17-month war that cost $100 million and took…show more content…
This would be the last large land acquisition for the United States. The United States paid Mexico $10 million for another region in New Mexico and Arizona that would allow the United States to build railroads going to California, which will allow people to travel to California without difficulty. In 1854, the first Republican Party was formed in order to stop the expansion of slavery. Many were abolitionists and national republicans became the Whigs. Democrats and the Free Soil party opposed the expansion of slavery as well. In that same year, the Ostend Manifesto was proposed which was document stating the reasoning that if Spain does not hand Cuba to the United States, the U.S. will engage in a war with Spain. This resulted from debates on slavery and slaveholders seeking land in order to expand

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