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Every Thanksgiving my family and I always gather around the dinner table at my mom's house and enjoy an enormous Jamaican Feast with a fusion of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. The day before Thanksgiving, my sisters come over and we clean the house. Cleaning typically starts with the kitchen. Firstly, we start with fixing the stainless steel refrigerator, and pearly white cabinets. We establish everything completely so when tomorrow comes we won't struggle to find the items we need for the huge day. Once the refrigerator and cabinets were done we collected silverware especially used for Thanksgiving day and put it in the stainless steel dishwasher to clean. Finally, the jet black marble countertops need to be flawless. When the kitchen…show more content…
The following day the powerful aroma of the turkey being prepared wallops me in the face. The sparkling clean kitchen has now turned into a battle zone, by now you're probably pondering what is a Jamaican Thanksgiving? Instead of the standard mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and cranberry sauce. My mom came up with this amazing idea to put our own kink to the holiday. On Thanksgiving, we serve oxtail, rice and peas, and curry goat with a mixture of several traditional Thanksgiving dishes like turkey and my sister renowned cheesy potatoes. Since preparing Jamaican cuisine requires a plethora of time and patience, when the clock hits 7:30 am we commence cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. The loud sounds of the pots moving and the gravy stirring from the curry goat is always a bring a colossal grin to my face because it will always signify the start of the Thorpe family Thanksgiving. While everyone in the kitchen preparing for the feast, I would set up the dining room table with our elegant dishware that reserved for this unique day. The toughest dish to prepare on Thanksgiving is the ox-tail because you have to keep an eye on the curry goat which can burn…show more content…
When I was younger I would rush setting up the table and help prepare this enchanting dish. Smelling the scorching steamy potato coming out of the oven and helping my sister put the sour cream and cheese on this marvelous dish, but no Thanksgiving is complete without one of the most famous Jamaican holiday drink sangria. By 5:00pm all the food will be on the dinning table and the feast would begin. Before we eat, my family and I always pray together and say what we are thankful for. I always go for the chess potato first then the oxtail with rice and peas with curry goat on the side , and then the main event the turkey. The scorching food landing on my plate and the aroma of all the tasty food . The cheesy potato explodes in my mouth with a sweet and savory combo that make my tasty bud melt and jump for joy, the oxtail on the other hand meaty and delicious flavor will send you to heaven. The blend of rice and peas curry goat give of a incredible savory taste and I love it. Even thought I’m not a big fan of turkey something about Thanksgiving and see my family enjoying their meals that make it all worth it, but we are not finish after we consume the heave hitters , my mom famous rum cake will knock

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