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What is the overall significance of Thanksgiving? Why is it important that we as a society embrace the holiday of Thanksgiving? These two questions came to mind when trying to determine the significance of Thanksgiving truly is a wonderful holiday as it is a time for families to get to celebrate the love and care they have for each other, as well as overall embracing togetherness. Thanksgiving Day is an annual celebration of what people have to give thanks for what they have in their life. Known as a recommitment holiday, Thanksgiving is a holiday in which individuals take a step back from their everyday life to reevaluate their morals and values. These types of holidays specifically are times where people will act out what they truly believe…show more content…
“Thanksgiving Day is a collective ritual that celebrates material abundance enacted through feasting.” (Wallendorf/Arnould, 537) Within this quote, the authors explain that the vast majority of individuals celebrate this idea of material abundance through the consumption a mass amounts of food. Traditionally speaking, most foods served on Thanksgiving day are consistent among households across the country. Typically, a table that holds a feast on Thanksgiving would include a turkey, potatoes of some sort, stuffing, bread and dessert of choice, usually pie. Along with food, community and family plays a key aspect of the meaning of Thanksgiving. “Depth interviews reveal that informants think of Thanksgiving Day as a day of family togetherness.” (Wallendorf/Arnould, 541) Wallendorf and Arnould explain within their writings how Thanksgiving is a time where families get together. Most of the time it involves primarily immediate family members, however, instances do occur when extended family gatherings are also done. Often times travel is necessary with family members who live out-of-state or out-of-town. This idea of family togetherness also provides insight as to how Thanksgiving is known as a recommitment…show more content…
However, people remain content with being full and having leftovers. Secondly, the idea of family togetherness played a crucial role in our Thanksgiving. Being that one of my sister’s is pursuing her career, living across the state and two members of my family are in school at Central Michigan, it rarely occurs to have all members of our family together in town at the same time. The aspect of coming home knowing you will see siblings who you have longed to see is something that is cherished by everyone in the family

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