Summary Of Chapter 7 Of The Great Gatsby

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In chapter seven, Gatsby's Saturday night parties stop. When Gatsby comes at Daisy's asking to lunch at her house the next day, Nick learns that Gatsby has new servants, "some people Wolfshiem wanted to do something for." Gatsby feared the old servants would leak information about him and Daisy. Because of the weather during lunch, everyone is uncomfortable. Tom leaves the room to talk to his mistress on the phone while Daisy kisses Gatsby and declares her love for him. Tom notices a glance between Daisy and Gatsby and cannot deny the two of them having an affair anymore. Tom, extremely upset, agrees on going to town and gets a bottle of whiskey and they set out. Tom, Jordan, and Nick are in Gatsby's car while Gatsby and Daisy are in Tom's car. Tom…show more content…
He remembers how as the train got closer and closer into the West, he got more and more comfortable. This puts Nick into a conversation about the Midwest versus the vices of the East. The chapter ends with Nick talking to two people from his past. Jordan, who he still feels fondly for, dismisses her once again. The other, one fall day, is Tom on Fifth Avenue. Tom sees Nick first and speaks. Nick refuses to shake his hand, mad with what Tom represents now. During this short talk, Nick learns that Tom had a role in Gatsby's death. Wilson worked his way to the Buchannan house in East Egg when Tom told him who owned the car that hit Myrtle. At the end, he shakes Tom's hand because he "felt suddenly as though he were talking to a child.” The night before Nick leaves to move back West, he goes over to Gatsby's place and remembers how his house used to be. He thinks about how far Gatsby had gone in his life, how he took all the time to pick out a house to pick out Daisy's dock in the night, and how he hoped he had a future. Nick has one last thought, which is how society is the boats that always move against the current on the

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