Symbolism In Sliver Water

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In this Short story “Sliver Water”, as we enter this sad and painful moent that Violet the youngest sister tells about her oldest sister Rose. Who was mental ill and die from an overdose? The family was trying to grow stronger, but slow ripping apart. The most painful thing that shocks our heads was to obtain the moral choice that was difficult to make. Even through Rose was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. It was a big callable for the whole family especially her sister Rose and Violet were very close sister. The love that Violet had for her sister was sweet. “The sweet sound held us tight flowing around us, eddying through our heat, raising, stilling rasing”. Rose father was a psychiatrist, but didn’t catch any symptoms of his daughter disease. Both parents went from one hospital to another which it eventually changes the family life style. Reading this story became very amazing. When both parent had very strong faith to fight against Rose madness.…show more content…
Violet realizes the amazing voice her sister had. It was like her mood was more of a feel good type. “My sister voice was like mountain water in a silver pitcher; the clear blue beauty of it cools you and lifts…beyond your body” (pg1). As her mood became more sorrow toward the end of the story. When ended kill herself. Everyone gather together to share a very sad moment because at the end of the day everyone tried their best and it seem like their best wasn’t good enough. “I sat with her, uncovering the bottle of white pills by her hand, and watched the stars fade” (pg4). Rose mood from good to dead be a big life change in everyone

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