Terminal Operating System Analysis

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On the other hand, terminal operation system differs slightly since terminals are operated by the different corporation. As an example, the In-house System of Korea Hutchinson Terminal Co. Ltd. covers all terminal operations including gate yard, vessel, and sales and related statistics operation. It supports connections with CFS, EDI repair web page service and electronic mailing for team members. The system is also interfaced with a purchased ship planning system. The communication and EDI are provided by a private network company called KL-Nat. KL-Net offers various facilities, customs clearance, immigration application for ship crew, railroad transport, request for inspection(fishery products, dangerous goods etc) and a financial module…show more content…
Since the ports consist of various activities with different characteristics, a well-designed port management information system should supply information, goals, timing and frequencies to enable decision making for efficient port management. The system can differ depending on the characteristics of the task done. On the basis of above examples, information systems can be divided into three board categories. Terminal operating systems (TOS) are “computer system available for organizing the container terminal itself”. Terminal operating system: • Manage the flow of containers through the terminal by relocating the containers in the right places in the most efficient manner; • Plan loading/unloading schedules and yard transfer operation by receiving information from shipping companies, describing position of containers on vessel coming into the port and which ones need to be taken off at the terminal; • Process the container transported into terminal by rail or road, receiving notification from shipping companies and trucking companies about them; and • Notify shipping companies and trucking companies about the locations of…show more content…
There is a general contract existing between CPA and Singapore-based IT company ST electronics and subsequently their local service provider Datasoft. This contract contained the delivery of the TOS including hardware and IT infrastructure (including data center) as well as maintenance and support for four years. The introduction of all parts of N4 has never been completed satisfactorily. Moreover, the very young version 2.0.11 of N4 has not been proven very powerful and reliable. An update of the early N4 version has never been done. Actual versions of N4 CTMS are more reliable and will provide additional helpful features to control terminal operations. The conditions of the maintenance contract are currently under discussion. The administration and support of the system are done by a local, terminal based team of the company Datasoft, acting as a service provider for CPA. Currently, there are no interfaces between N4 (named by CPA as CTMS) and other systems. Consequently, many data are getting a double input in different

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